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PHP Pains

The web side of the CRM I manage is constructed of thousands of code bits called widgets. In each of these widgets are a series of smaller similar to how an atom is comprised of protons, neutrons and electrons. Within the three main files that make up a widget the controller, logic and view are functions, subroutines, css div tags, and scripts of various flavors like strange and charm quarks. If you don’t know what a strange and charm quark is check out the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider or RHIC where I used to work at BNL they make Quark Soup nowadays. It is a virtual hodgepodge of programming languages HTML, PHP, javascript, etc…GEEK heaven or hell depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Today I am leaning towards the hell side as I try for the very first time to implement Block HTML on the site. Simple in theory but the damn widgets keep throwing out cryptic parse errors and unexpected results. I’m not proud to admit that I am a little out of my depth and reached out for a noodle to keep me a float in the form of a friend who is a developer at the CRMs mothership company. Watch this blog for an update on my progress tomorrow. In the meantime I have to cross off other items on my TO DO List.

What the Hell is an Adenoid Anyway?

I have three sons. Yes go ahead I have heard it before bring on the comments….My THREE Sons…they are 8, 5, and 18 months. The middle one suffers from chronic ear infections and colds due to these pesky enlarged Adenoids. Read what an Adenoid is at Kid’s Health. Years ago Doctors would have jumped and cut them out right away but in truth they are part of the immune system and help filter out all the bacteria that kids are exposed to. I am told that by the time they enter the early teen years they have usually shrunk to non-existence but what is one full time working mom to do in the meantime? The doctors just want to give him antibiotics and have me shoot steroids up his nose but I am looking for a really solution not a band aid. And hopefully something less traumatic then surgery. I have started reading about Adenoids and allergies as well as the possibility of trying to identify potential food sensitivities and eliminating them. If anyone out there has had success with this please send me a comment.

Well that is all for now folks lunch time is over.


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