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PHP resolution and Strep

This is really just a follow-up blog to yesterday’s rant.

My PHP trip to hell has ended and the cloud does have a silver lining. Now I just have to get the damned style sheets to cooperate since they keep smashing my mastheads to the left. I feel like a weight is lifted despite the growing mountain of projects that need doing. I truly despise when I can’t get the result I want in the time I want due to limitations whether they be my own or someone else’s. I have no tolerance for it and am my own warden when it comes to time management,  projects that are unfinished are like old gym socks that get shoved in the back of your locker and forgotten about – one day you start cleaning up and discover a stinking pile in the back that needs tending to. So long story short DON”T DO IT!


So my middle one has been diagnosed by the pediatrician with STREP. One more thing these enlarged adenoids are using to torture my child. So antibiotics it is despite the fact that I hate that they are overused the culture was undeniably positive.

Comics and other GEEKINESS

I read a few different comics unfortunately I don’t get to the daily as I would like. I also read comic books but I currently have a stack of back issues collecting dust on the shelf that I keep eyeballing. Since I used to run SETI@home all the time and have been a member since the 90’s I thought I would include for your reading pleasure today yesterday’s DILBERT.


Doctor Who is coming in a few more days! Too bad CABLEVISION still doesn’t carry BBC America guess I will resort to other measures (INSERT SINISTER DR. EVIL LAUGH HERE). I urge you all to write or call cablevision if you are in NY 1-800-OK-CABLE and tell them we need BBC America and that not everyone can be sustained on shows like American IDOL, Dancing with the Stars and whatever other garbage there is out there most nights. Also post on this FACEBOOK page.

My three sons and I will be watching despite you CABLEVISION oh how I wish I could get FIOS!

That’s all for now!


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