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On the hunt. All php, mySQL, CRM and geeks of other varieties inquire within. If you want to know what I am talking about ask me.

Major site launch is over and had a momentary lull well what I consider a lull. I was operating at 95% capacity instead of 150%. Got to play the hokey pokey this week with a little thing called IE7. Why is it that I put a little code in, I take a little code out and I shake it all about and all the other browsers play nice except IE7. Why do I care you ask? IE7 is antiquated you proclaim! I could not agree with you more however corporate policy in this case is the governing body and what they say must reign supreme right? Sort of. I do my best to maintain functionality of the CRM front end (support web site) across browsers but it isn’t always perfect so HEY don’t shoot the coder. YELL at Bill Gates and his minions.

I saw a funny system comic the other day and I thought I would share. This blog is still in it’s infancy and I have yet to have the time to truly devote to it but see paragraph one and I might have more time soon. (Yeah right and Microsoft might develop an operating system that is not hackable!)

In my RL outside of WORK (yes I do have one) I have been furiously planning a trip to Disney World with the family. The land of sugar plums, cavities, long lines and over priced snacks of every kind. We decided to go all out and stay on the property since we have three boys and one or both of us might need to bring one or all back to the room for a rest or a swim. We also have purchased the deluxe dining package and were advised to book all the desired eating venues ahead of time. Why is something that is supposed to be fun and spontaneous require so much planning? If I had my way we would have gone some place less commercial and more relaxing. So in the spirit of having fun I am trying to plan everything I can ahead of time so we don’t have to wait three hours with grouchy children for something decent to eat. I am sure in the next two months as the trip approaches you will see me mention this again.

My IPod picked some terrible songs for me so I feel like I am typing in a broken staccato. Pause while I find something more conducive to typing. And the winner is The Underdog by Spoon. But that took so long that now I must leave you to do other things.

Till next time.


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