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Santo Domingo, Wendy’s and the emergency exit

This week I was at our call center in Santo Domingo providing them with lots of analytics tools so they can pull magic call center type numbers from the CRM. I was creating reports and recreating reports and then throwing them away entirely because the user requirements kept changing. At the end I felt like this:


The beach was beautiful as far as I could tell from the safety of my hotel room window. I was taken to a Dominican style restaurant which was OK but unfortunately for many restaurants to come Uchiko in Austin has ruined me for all others.

The standard lunch while working was Wendy’s because as my co-worker put it – it’s close, clean, reasonably priced, did I mention clean, and won’t cause intestinal distress. At Wendy’s they have a person whose sole job is to open and close the chain that blocks cars from coming into the parking lot using the exit. In case you didn’t know traffic laws are pretty much ignored in the DR.

On the way home from the DR we had an issue on the plane with people who did not want to move from the emergency exit but did not fit the requirements for a person sitting in the emergency exit. As a result our flight was delayed 45 minutes, customs had to come and threaten them and I got home at 1am.

The company I work for is hiring and I am on the hunt since the person will be reporting to me. My biggest fear is hiring someone who doesn’t have the experience they say they do. So I will be writing up some questions that I think will weed out fact from fiction without going so far as some technical interviews where they ask you to fill out a paper and give you a test.