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In a funk

I have been in a funk lately. I have lots of work to do and very little desire to do it. I am in a lull right now with no big projects to spark my mind. Instead I am relegated to cleaning up the database, and doing all those other mundane day to day maintenance tasks that get neglected when I am up to my eyeballs in projects. I love being busy and I hate the daily grind type stuff. Yesterday for instance I created a bunch of user accounts, added products that customers requested to register because for whatever reason they need to have their lens that they purchased in 1970 registered in their account with the rest of their equipment. Photographers are a funny animal. Love them and they turn out some amazing imagery but man I just think they are the strangest breed of customers that I have ever had the pleasure to deal with in my career.

Luckily for me I don’t talk to most of them on a daily basis but I get to hear all the fun that my Technical Support colleagues are having because we are all in close proximity. They get to hear me curse all day about CSS and PHP widgets and I get to hear all the bizarro cases that come their way since they handle the escalations from the call center.

I have a few projects coming up in the hopper but the next week will take all my strength to keep the dull drums away.

In other news I have been getting applicants for the position I have open but nothing that would knock a girls socks off but there is still hope. I need a knight in shining code to come through the door. Or maybe a princess, no matter we are equal opportunity. Are you out there? Have you worked with Right Now or some other CRM? Done some web dev? Know a flavor or two of SQL? If you do please let me know.

The comic I share with you today is from http://thisisindexed.com I absolutely love the index card drawings on this site.

Me once upon a time.

Somebody please suggest some music to power me through.


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  1. Hi Rhianna, Just followed a link from BlogHer to take a look at your blog. I’m loving it. Subscribed to your feed and everything. I’ll be keeping an eye out to see if you do something that I could feature in the BlogHer Tech section.

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