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Mutant Strawberry

Yesterday I was eating some strawberries that I purchased from Best Yet and one of them was the size of my hand. All of them are very large and sweet but this one was exceptional. Those who know me understand my passion for the red fruit. I am a June baby and grew up every year going to pick strawberries and getting some form of strawberry deliciousness with my birthday cake. However this one was so out of the ordinary that I am sure that it was filled with things I should not injest like pesticides and growth hormones but I just couldn’t resist. Hopefully my 19 month old who is already an intellect in his own write doesn’t start developing mutant abilities from whatever chemicals may have passed to him while nursing.  I can see the comic book now Lucian (yes I am a fan of both Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics and the Underworld movie series) the big headed baby – fights for justice, developed powers when his mom ate radioactive fruit.

*rolls eyes*

Speaking of comics I am woefully behind I dropped about 100 bucks in the comic book store on back issues 3 months ago. I need to add that to my to do list for night time activities when all the boys are sleeping. Anita Blake here I come!

Ok lunch time is over I need to get back to those tedious tasks I mentioned in my post last week. See you all soon!


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