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Word problems

During the week my oldest son left his math homework in school. He is very good with math like I was as a child and is ahead of everyone in his grade.

In order for him to get credit for doing homework I took a look at the lessons from the week and wrote up 6 problems that were more challenging then what was on any of the lessons but utilized the same concepts. As he was doing the problems he actually said to me mommy these are still to easy you are making them too obvious. I laughed at my brilliant 8 year old and told him that the next two would allow him to pick the numbers of hi choosing. He liked those much better and compared 100,000,000 to 90,000,000.

Lastly I created a word problem but I stumped him a little because the question may have been too ambiguous for his young mind. It went something like below. Suggestions on how I could have worded it better are welcomed. I still consider it a success because it made him think and gave him the challenge he wanted.

Rhianna wrote 537 lines of PHP computer code today for a new project. Tomorrow she needs to write 200 more lines than her total today in order to finish the project on time.

1.) How many lines of code does Rhianna need to write tomorrow?

2.) How many lines will she have written all together?

In other news I am watching an episode on demand of House. It is a particularly disturbing one because te man is in a bathtub doing surgery on himself. I’d love to share more but my 19 month old has decided that it is his turn to play with mommy’s IPhone 4 and is biting my forearm as I type.


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