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HTML has been part of my life for the last 16 years or so, since I was a student collaborator working in AGS/RHIC department at BNL. At that time I bought a book and started mucking about the Accelerator department webpages. For really fancy stuff I used PERL scripts and later Javascript. (Which I also owned books for. Any older Geeks will think back with fondness when I say I owned and still have a copy of Programming Perl aka “The Camel Book”)

My copy is not as pristine from all the cgi scripting I used to do.

I will have to go home and see what addition it is if anyone is really interested. In many ways I have grown up with HTML and it has become a close friend and sometimes more. I cried over boyfriends while coding in it, I rejoiced over the promotions I got because of it , and now today I laughed when reading the Dilbert strip that was devoted to my old friend.

Here’s to you HTML. One of the best things that’s happened to me in my life. Thanks for the good times and more to come. May we continue to grow and evolve together.

Now I didn’t think it was fair that I got to laugh with HTML and you didn’t so here’s the comic:











I really like this band. They are fun and crazy and do a lot of 80’s cover songs, you might call them SKA-PUNK. Friday I got stuck driving home alone as my carpool buddy extended her three day weekend to a four day. What did this mean for me? No carpool lane and hours of traffic while all the lovely NYC folks made their way out east to the Hamptons and since I leave 20 minutes west of the Hamptons and east of my job well I had nothing to do but sit and wait. So instead of getting angry I plugged the Ipod into the Aux port, selected a REEL BIG FISH song and told the device to make a genius mix out of it. Even though my commute was 35 minutes longer than normal I had so much fun. The people in the cars next to me must have though me crazy. I had the sun roof open, the windows down, the music blasting and I was bouncing around to the music like a teenager. When I was at a standstill I tweeted about it on TWITTER and posted pictures about the good time I was having on FACEBOOK. Today I got the coolest email ever in the form of a twitter notification.

I thought this was the coolest thing for a band to do!

Coincidentally they are playing in my area in August. Now I just need to see if the other half can get a day off so we can go together. With three boys gone are the days of just picking up and running out to a show. A night on the town requires much preparation. So maybe I’ll be there in August!

Oh and if you are interested in hearing their music or learning more about them go here.

death by Sun

I really need one of those t-shirts you buy from cafe press that says the Sun is trying to kill me. I don’t go out in the sun much and when I do I have ample sunscreen and am armed with a hat or umbrella. My goth white skin doesn’t not get along with the SUN. I had to march with the boys for cub scouts this weekend in a Memorial Day Parade. I had not planned on marching but Sebasten, my 8 year old broke out in hives that morning from some unidentified new allergy and did not want to march alone. So I ended up doing the 1.5 mile march without being prepared. No big floppy hat, no sunscreen and well he told me he would die of embarrassment if I used the umbrella. Today I am burnt to a crisp. Even the shiny white scar I have on my forehead where I got skin cancer removed last year (ask me how a chick who doesn’t go in the sun got skin cancer?) is red and angry. The moral of the story? Now I will add sunscreen and a hat to my ever growing bag of MOM essentials.

Acronyms used in this entry:

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language – it’s like the DNA of the web. Just GOOGLE HTML if you don’t know what it is.

AGS – Alternating Gradient Synchrontron – it would take several blog posts to explain what this is so visit the AGS website instead.

RHIC – Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider – same as above for complete description visit the RHIC website.

BNL – Brookhaven National Laboratory.

NYC – if you don’t know what this stands for you should be ashamed of yourself – New York City.


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