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The presentation started with a high level overview and some demos of sites that have gone the extra mile in customizing their support sites using the customer portal framework. For a copy of the presentation I sat in on go here.

What’s New

Staging environment added in between dev and production.

Single file deployment (This one is very desirable to me can’t wait to upgrade!)

Open login – SSO capabilities supporting facebook, Samul 2.0, open id wordpress, etc…According to RNT this will open the gates to customer interactions.

Web intent guide – This is a natural language search engine that RNT aquired not sure if it is out of the box or an added feauture.

CX for facebook – Definately on my top picks list.

Roadmap – Disclaimer nothing is set in stone. Thanks Chris!

CX for facebook enhancements – no specifics

Smart Assistant Algorithm improvements ( Huzzah!)

Customer portal Dynamic upgrades – Oh how I have been waiting for you. When will you become available. Pick and choose what to pull i.e. – widgets, empower customer to handle upgrades on their own.

Overarching goals – Make upgrade process easier, 0 hours upgrade wait time?, reduction of size and rigidness of customizations.

After they went nto some specifics about programming in cp, developer and cookbook docs and sample code.

Overall this was a very engaging presentation.


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