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You can design a form that is too confusing for a customer and that will drive them to the next level of interaction, costing more money and creating an aggitated customer.

Adding a button to smart assistance increased email deflections by 30%.

For the meat of this presentation you can go to the developer community.

When I asked a question about the trouble we have with relevancy of suggested answers for smart assistant I was told that tuning it helps but that improvements are coming based on natural language searching vs. the current keyword search.

Usability studies

1. inline SA complete failure people are blind to everything but the form.

2. accordian – where you click an arrow to view the answer inline. 60% defelction.

3. multi-step – wizard method resulted in 100% deflection but users were confused about if their question was submitted.

AAQ workflows

require login, email only, open login and email check.

If not ready to use an SSO solution like open login the best bet would in my opinion be to implement the email check method because it allows the customer if they are new to create an account and submit a question without ever navigating to another page. Unfortunately this little widget is not available unless you have upgraded to February 2011 or later.

Smart Assistant

Instead of having a finish submitting and back button there are now three buttons my question is answered, submit my question, edit my question.

This was a really good presentation with lots of audience interaction and questions and they have agreed to post the new SA widget on the community for us folks are older versions to use.


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