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RDC Day 1 – Morning

Right Now Developer’s Conference –

I woke up this morning in an uncomfortable bed in a hotel room in beautiful Big Sky Montana. It is June 7th and snow is falling, suddenly I felt like I was in the twilight zone or on some Alien planet. I did the usual morning niceties and went down to have breakfast with some folks I met from Dow Corning and Motorola.

After breakfast, we headed over to the first sessions.  What I heard from the roadmap presentations were very enticing indeed. Some things as simple as Hot Deploy of Addins had some of use developer types chomping at the bit. After all how annoying is it that you have to “Turn it off and On again” (Thank you Roy and Moss for imortalizing the statement that many techie types have a love/hate relationship with). If you don’t know who Roy and Moss are and you are a GEEK shame on you. If you are not a GEEK and want to enjoy some good laughs go to Netflix and watch “The IT Crowd”.

Next up Scott Berkun a now author who used to work at Microsoft and had a part in the development of Windows 95 and Internet Explorer 1. Scott talked about the buzz words we hear about innovation that make you want to poke someone in the eye. He also touched on points from his book the Myths of Innovation which I will probably pick up from Amazon later today. Overall a very good presentation with some nice takeaways. If you are interested and learnign more you might want to read his blog.  

And now it’s time for Lunch more to come later.


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