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Had a quick breakfast and then took off for my 8am appointment with Ernie over at Ask the Experts. To my surprise the appointment was actually at 8:30 so I had a little time to get caught up on emails and search for an inexpensive flight for my family and I to Orlando where we will be taking the boys to Disney World.

Ernie arrived right on time and we dug in to my problem with a custom widget I created in order to circumvent the Right Now “feature” where yes/no data types display only as radio buttons.


Come on Right Now we need a standard widget attribute for this. (Ernie has already kindly submitted an enhancement request for me.) My problem ultimately was that radio buttons as we know have three states yes, no and null and checkboxes only have two, yes or no. After we identified the lines of problematic code in contained in the logic.js, view.php and controller.php files we added some echo statements to print the actual values to the browser and were able to fix it to work perfectly. NO MORE need to go back to using RADIO BUTTONS.

He also helped me with a similar issue with checkboxes that we both thought was going to be much harder to solve but after some careful looking and a little explanation from me on how the widget was designed to work, he identified the pesky line of code that was breaking the whole thing. One little line that was it. Isn’t it nice when there is and

From the logic.js file:  this._onParentChange();

The next session I attended was on the topic of Natural Language search and unfortunately I do not have much to say about it because I had a little difficulty with hearing
everything that was said and found the material to be very dry. 60 minutes later I was ready for the short break before listening to the innovation panel.

The panel consisted of folks from Right Now, Motorola, Level 10 and Pervasive. While I did find it interesting and asked a question of my own I felt it needed to be a little more technical in nature.
That aside it was good to hear what others do internlly in their organizations to handle ideas from customers and employees as well as how they foster that type of creativity. Kudos to Moto for having
an internal social network and adopting Google’s gmail as their mail client.

Lunch was the typical conference fair of sandwhiches, soups and dessert. The soup was the best of the three.

More later on the afternoon breakouts.


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