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RDC wrap up – Good Food and New Friends!

I am writing this on the plane home to NY. I wanted to live blog more yesterday but there was so much I needed to really pay attention to and quite frankly my brain was on code overload. The second half of yesterday was very useful to say the least. It covered topics I mentioned earlier but in more detailed and advanced ways. The day ended with some CP framework stuff from Monique and Ernie that I can apply to some tasks I have been putting off doing.

After the conference a few of us had decided to go to the Rainbow Ranch it turned into a big todo with a caravan of like 5 or 6 cars heading off for some good eats.

So delicious I took a bite of the mushroom bread pudding before I took a picture.

The appetizer was an assortment of sausages and prosciutto made from wild boar, duck and huckleberries. For dinner, I had the elk with mushroom bread pudding and grilled asparagus paired with a glass of Syrah. (I’ll post pictures later as I can’t access my email while using GOGO inflight for some reason. Extremely unhappy about that!)

Dessert was an amazingly sinful and refreshing lemon concoction with more huckleberries and vanilla creme.

Look at what big hands I have…Actually thanks to Willie who took these pictures.

After we headed over to Whiskey Jacks with a smaller group. When they had last call a few more left and the rest of us headed over to the Carabiner. By then we were four tow Right Now guys Chris and JP, Stuart from the UK and myself. We had some great conversation about product, pain points, likes and dislikes of the conference and all in all I felt my voice was heard. We cracked jokes and blew off some steam all of us were pretty fried in our own right and it was a great way to unwind and get ready to leave Montana.

Funny things that happened while I was at the RDC:

1. I jumped out of my seat because my name wasn’t listed on the screen of people who had been to all 3 dev cons.

2. According to Larry the movie Antichrist is a -4 on a scale of 1 to 10 because it is so depraived no one should watch it. But don’t listen to Larry he also gives Avatar an 8 (yuck)!

3. It snowed in June. This might be normal for people in Montana but to us New Yorkers that is just damn odd!

4. The conversation in the van:

Willie: Hey what’s his name? (pointing to Shiloh)

Rhianna: Who? Him?! Shiloh, it’s Shiloh.

Willie: SHILOH, what’d you call him, FISH GUY?

Shiloh: Dead Fish Guy!

VAN: Bursts out laughing.

(if you don’t know what this was about you can ask one of the people who were in the man and maybe they will explain.)

5. I tried to have a top 5 list but There are so many more that I thought I would just use #5 to say Thank you ALL!