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Before I get started on what is likely to be a very long diatribe against Dell’s lack of customer service I thought I would start off with some fun stuff and other odds and ends.

Girly Stuff (guys feel free to skip ahead)

A friend of mine gave me my belated christmas present yesterday, a trip to the shoe store. I went to Famous Footwear and because I do not follow the seasons like others all my footwear was in the on sale sections. Yay! I got three pairs of black shoes, spiked stiletto heels with a peek toe from Unlisted by Kenneth Cole, comfy Mary Janes by Aerosoles for everyday and comfy black flats from Naturalizer when heels just won’t work. The coolest buy of all was my new slippers which are so unGoth but too bad!

  Geeky Stuff 

Ever since I have been back from Big Sky I have been busy fixing things and cleaning up the database. In the past week I have rewritten a few widgets, fixed the navigation tabs on the support site which broke when our Internet group made some changes to the block html header they had me implement. The funny thing about that is the block html was supposed to prevent stuff from breaking when changes were made. It is not to my surprise that the culprit is the 10 million style sheets that RightNow uses for Customer Portal. In the next few months I will be working with some folks to fix the fragile nature of the css once and for all. I vote for deleting at least 9,999,999 style sheets and keeping one. I know, I know it’s a pipe dream. But a girl can fantasize.

At home I am trying to decide the best way to run Lego Universe on a Mac with OS 10.4.11 since apparently you need 10.5 or better for it to run natively. Anyone have a copy of 10.5?

Dell Customer Service

In the past 9 months I have purchased an Alienware desktop and laptop one one each credit card my husband and I hold with Dell. Both have a promotional APR of 0% which we all know if you do not pay on time you get hit with all the back interest at an astronomical 29.99%. So after coming into some funds recently I decided to pay off both cards. Through a mistake which I admit was my doing I attempted to pay them balances using the wrong account. When I logged in to my online banking I realized immediately as there were two chargeback fees from dell.

I immediately did the right thing and called up Dell customer service and spoke to a women not sure of her name (but I am sure it was an alias as Dell’s call centers are all over seas). She was being helpful or so I thought. She told me the funds did indeed bounce and I explained my faux pa. She told me not to worry as the payment would automatically reverse and no further action was required, all I need do was make a payment using the correct account. I tried to do this online while I was on the phone with her and it said I had to wait 10 days as there was already a payment outstanding. I told her about the error and she again assures me there was nothing I needed to do but yes, that’s right she forgot I will need to pay on the phone instead. (Pause here yes after looking back I realize how naive I was being to think someone on the phone actually knew what they were talking about. But hey I work very closely with the call center in the company I work for and I try to think positively.) I proceeded with being transferred to the automatic payment system and everything went through.

I then called my credit union to inform them of what happened and as a courtesy to me the refunded me one of the two chargeback fees. The representative who was very nice told me that if Dell was not sure about the payment being reversed I could put a stop payment on the check. I told him no thank you as it would cost sixty dollars to put a stop on both payments and Dell had assured me it was unnecessary. He noted our conversation and we said good day.

Two days go by and pay day comes. I log in to my credit union’s online banking so I could commence paying the week’s bills and I was horrified! Most of my paycheck was gone thanks to a payment to Dell and another charge back (there wasn’t enough money to cover the second payment). Anger, frustration, panic started to well up within me. I had bills to pay, plane tickets to Orlando to book and groceries to buy. I called Dell again. This time I spoke to “Annie” another alias. I had her look at my account and she saw two payments one from the credit union and one from the right account. I asked her to refund the money back to the credit union and she promptly replied it would take 10 business days to receive a check. I asked to speak to a Manager and she ignored me. I asked her what about the fact that the payments get automatically reversed she read from a script proclaiming yes that is what happens. I asked then why was I charged. She had no answer. I asked for a Manager a second time, again she ignored me. I told her I wanted a direct deposit via electronic funds transfer back to my account plus the cost of all the fees I had been charged. She advised me that eft takes longer as it is bank to bank (what kind of crap is this) and that if I want to be reimbursed I could submit a detailed transaction history to Dell’s payment research department. I officially lost all decorum, forgetting that I myself have been in customer service for many years, I demanded a Manager and told her I was tired of her ignoring my request for one and may have said a few negative things. She put me on hold to get a Manager and came back after a few minutes proclaiming none was available. I told her to get one and she put me on hold a second time. When she came back she advised me there was absolutely none available and she would give them a message and I should expect them to call me back in 24 hours. (I am still waiting for a phone call)

I gave her my number, asked her to issue the request for the check, hung up the phone and tried with all my might not to sob at my desk. A co-worker of mine heard some of the conversation as we share a wall and helped me figure out what to do about my bills, groceries and plane tickets. I called my credit union and put a stop on the payments because at this point I no longer believed anything the people at Dell had to say.

A couple of days later and the second payments I made still had not been debited from the correct account so I called Dell for the third time (still hadn’t had a call from a Manager). I spoke to a gentleman by the name of “Roger” I believe. I ran through the story with him again and he put me on a short hold. He came back on the line and said he needed two more minutes and put me on hold again. He came back and said yes the payments from the second account were rejected. I asked why he couldn’t tell me. I asked if it had to do with the 10 day error I got previously, he didn’t know. I asked about my refund check he said none was issue because only one payment will be going through. Here we go again…I thought. I got off the phone with him called my husband and told him I am sorry I love Alienware but I am never dealing with Dell again when this is over.

I called my bank the one that the payments are supposed to come from they didn’t know why the payment was rejected so they helped me submit a new one for the account that hadn’t actually been paid yet. I have been checking daily all four accounts, both Dells, my credit union and the other bank to make sure nothing weird happens like a new form of life sprouting or charges for triple the amount. The Dell accounts still do not have correct information. I submitted the detailed transaction paperwork requesting reimbursement for all the fees and I still have not heard back.

Dell if you are listening your process are not working, your agents are not properly trained and I will be cutting up my credit cards as soon as I submit this blog post.

So long for now all. I ‘ll keep you updated.


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