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The day I wrote the last post about Dell I actually received a response through twitter and although I am still completely annoyed by the entire debacle I have been sufficiently pacified. I don’t know that I will buy from you again anytime soon but who can say for sure. Hopefully my Alienware desktop and laptop will live up to their work horse reputations and stick around for a while.

So I have been absent as some of you may have noticed. This was due to a 4 day stint in the hospital that ended with more questions, inconclusive test results and on going albeit lessened abdominal pain. They have so far ruled out kidney stones, gall bladder, intestinal obstruction and now investigating some other intestinal problems or gynecological issues. Let the tests and Dr. visits begin.

As a result of this I am terribly swamped at work, more so than usual despite me logging on from the hospital and handling any urgent issues.

In other news my Disney Vacation is quickly approaching. The kids have been prepping by getting their fill of Disney movies. I have been prepping by purchasing sunblock, summer clothes, bonine (for motion sickness) and making meal reservations.

I will also be going camping in a couple of weeks with the cub scouts – no technology allowed, bummer.

Sorry this one was short and sweet but work beckons.


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