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I can’t sleep. My mind has been racing for days, so much is going on. I have been making changes to the layout at home, fixing up the boys room, commandeering their desk for my own use since in their room it exists only to take up space and collect junk on top of it. Trying to get caught up at work, getting all the ducks in a row, my to do list keeps growing instead of shrinking. I am feeling the stress. On top of all that the unexplained abdominal pain is just there all the time now. Well anytime I eat for hours afterwards but mostly at night.

In Long Island another source of constant Pain is UPS. The never knock and sometimes they leave stuff in my bushes and I have to search for it. There is always someone home even when there is no car in the driveway but they are too lazy to even bother. I am very fond of the below comic because I have experienced this a few times and actually went to the depot one time after calling all over to get through to dispatch and telling them that I will be there when the driver returns for the evening. My quest was successful.


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