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The cat is out of the bag

Well the rumor of my departure has made it around the building at work. For the most part what I actually said when putting in my notice is what people know. However there are a few things that I heard which I will not repeat because those people who started them are just plain ridiculous. Starting vicious rumors about people that call into question their moral fiber and business ethics is repugnant. People that do that should go back to high school. Enough said about that.


The Cat is the Bag

Boxes of office supplies have been trickling in over the past week as I get ready to start my at home career. Last night I decided to clean off the mountain of junk I had accumulated on the desk and start hooking up the gadgets. I setup wifi for the printer, configured the laptop, downloaded MS Office, read some email, made some photo copies for my 8 year old who wanted to test the shiny new printer insisting his crayon masterpiece was the perfect test and threw the brown paper bag of office supplies I purchased on top when I was done.

Hours later a little past midnight I was finally ready to lay down and go to sleep. My little monkey the 21 month old was fast asleep in the room. I started to doze off when I thought I heard an animal noise and then some rustling. I turned over and looked toward the desk and there is was in the moonlight in front of the window. A cat! Holy shit I thought how the hell did a cat get in my room. The door is closed has it been in the closet for hours. The boys must have let that darn stray in again. (Yes there really was a stray cat who has been coming around so my reaction was not completely mental.) I slowly got out of bed I tried not to move to fast or make a sound. I reached for the door because the cat was right by the light and I didn’t want to get my eyes clawed out. I opened the door and my heart almost exploded out of my chest as I went into hysterics holding back gasps of relief and feelings of embarrassment. It was only the bag of office supplies. It was crumpled in such a way that it looked like a cat sitting looking out the window with two ears and everything. I chastised myself a few times, tiptoed to the bathroom and cursed as I closed the door and the toddler made a few whimpers. Luckily for me my nonsense did not wake him up and I was able to finally go to sleep.

I dreamt that I changed my hair color to red and had a hairdo similar to Jessica rabbit. I think I was about to be in a roller derby tournament when the alarm sounded at 5:45am. So much for sleep.

Today I wished for my bed while sitting through a torturous meeting looking at web design comps for a project I will not be a part of in three more weeks. Tomorrow I need to get some of my TO DO list crossed off and finish mapping out processes so that I can transition some responsibilities to internal folks while a replacement is found.

Tonight I think I will unpack that bag of office supplies otherwise I might think a Racoon got in the room tonight or maybe a troll.


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