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Swan Song

After a long time a bitter sweet triumph came today when our Ratings & Review Facebook app  that was developed by BazaarVoice finally went live. One more item to check off the to do list before I transition on August 5th to my new work from home life.

I recently read a pretty cool Blog on the BazaarVoice site about sharing. I think I probably fall under the Boomerang bucket but I am not crazy how it is defined.

4. Boomerangs

Thrilled by the reaction of others to the content they share, Boomerangs are even happy with negative responses. They’re after validation, and they employ Facebook, email, Twitter, and blogs without a strong preference for any one of them.

Read More here: BazaarBlog or download the NY Times study.


So Long

I keep getting invited to conference calls and have to resist the urge to decline them with the response, “Sorry not in my realm anymore”. Have been training a co-worker who is going to have to shoulder the burden I am leaving behind. I think six months after this he will send me an IM exclaiming how much he hates me. If you are reading this you know who you are and I am sorry to dump it all on you.

I was thinking I might get some of my coworkers a parting gift. One book comes to mind:

So Long and Thanks for all the fish!

I thought it would be quite humorous though not sure non techie/ sci-fi geeks would get it.

Feel free to send me your thoughts!


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