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Been a while

It sure has been awhile. Everyday I say to myself today is the day I sit down and put my thoughts together into a post. Then I end up battling CSS until 2am for this project that is turning out amazing but is much larger than I anticipated.

Work is busy but wonderful. I have learned some new skills and honed some old ones that I pulled out of the closet. Why hello there old friends what were you doing hiding amongst the dust bunnies behind my doc martens? Lots of exciting stuff that I can share with you in a few more weeks. Until then my lips are sealed.

Going to Colorado and then UK in a few weeks I am really looking forward to it though I will miss my little rascals for sure.

Two of them are having birthdays before I leave so that will be fun. The boys had such a good time at Disney World and are already overuling me and want to return next year.

So the project I mentioned above has a huge powerpoint as the icing on the cakey parts. It is long like over 100¬†slides and then I saw this Dilbert cartoon today. I really hope this isn’t what people will think:


Well hopefully people find it helpful. I think they will! If not then I lost a couple weeks of my life that I will never get back. Oh well.

To ALL my facebook friends I am sorry I do not accept your gifts and please for help in cityville or farmville or mafia wars. But I am too busy for all that nonsense. I love facebook but find the games keep my attention only for short periods of time. Please forgive me.

My two boys are selling popcorn for Cubscouts if you would like to support them you can do so below:

Sebasten: http://www.trails-end.com/estore/scouts/email_referral.jsp?id=15260091

Derrick: http://www.trails-end.com/estore/scouts/email_referral.jsp?id=15260177

Well back to it. I’ll try to put some more posts up soon.