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The path to the Summit!

Started the day on a pleasant note. Packed the Odyssey for my trip to Colorado and the family drove me to the airport. The kids are spending quality time with the husband by spending the day at the ZOO while I endure a 12 hour jaunt to Denver. Things would have been so much easier if scheduling conflicts didn’t force me to take American Airlines instead of my original plan of a straight shot to Denver via JFK on Jet Blue. The whole American Airlines thing is simply ludicrous. I had to fly from Laguardia to Miami in order to the fly north to Denver. What is wrong with this picture AA? Seems like a huge waste of fuel. The only other option was NY to Fort Worth and then Denver but that  flight didn’t gel well with my travelling partner who is coming across the pond. His travel time is the same is mine and he is coming all the way from Heathrow!


The good news is the flights have been pleasant with very little turbulence and we left on time. In Miami I had 2 hours to kill so I found a place to eat which was actually quite yummy a little sushi place called Sushi Maki in concourse D near gate 29. I would definitely eat there again.

Sitting next to the window trapped with another passenger next to a man on the aisle seat with very bad body order. I nearly gagged a when I yawned it was so pungent. Only about an hour left until we touch down, it won’t be soon enough.

Really looking forward to seeing what the response is two the two Mobile apps we will be demoing is as well as how folks I know will react to the news that I am no longer at Nikon and am now working for partner SCBS. Hopefully it will only mean good things and they will be excited to work with me? I guess I will update you post-summit as I am sure to be extremely busy manning our booth.

Colorado Springs here I come!

It is finally time for the RightNow CX Summit! I’ll be attending as a partner this year which is very exciting. If any of you happen to be at the Broadmoor come visit me at the SCBS booth in the partner pavilion.

I hope to see all the usual suspects and meet some new ones as well. Can’t wait to hang with the wizards, big fish and all the RightNow folks. Someone will have to bring me diet coke because I will be pretty much chained to the booth when the pavilion is opened.

We will have a bunch of mobile devices at the booth  for people to play with and check out some unique things that SCBS has done recently.

At&t tribute to Steve!

Remembering Steve!

I am sure all GEEKS are thinking about this tonight as they turn in for the evening. Steve was responsible for some amazing innovation in the 56 short years of his life. He will go down in technology history as a man who made great strides in his field.

I found out pretty much right away and tweeted about it http://twitter.com/#!/just_rhianna

I even retweeted something that @wilw wrote and it made me really think about how close some of the things we have today are like the gadgets you would see in old Star Trek episodes or read about in science fiction novels. I have always felt the science fiction was a breeding ground for innovations to come. The genre is very attractive to people like me who want a glimpse of possible futures. Some of those people like Steve even say hey I can do something with this. I can make this reality. Think about it folks.


Some interesting Articles:

Steve Jobs Timeline A look a tech icon’s life and the products that defined Apple: http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_19049246

Apple’s Greatest Successes and Failures: http://www.newstimes.com/news/slideshow/Timeline-Apple-s-greatest-successes-and-failures-31266.php

A tough Balancing act remains ahead for apple: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/06/technology/for-apple-a-big-loss-requires-a-balancing-act.html

A note about Steve from apple: http://www.apple.com/stevejobs/

Send condolences and thoughts to: rememberingsteve@apple.com

Good Night ALL!


Oh yeah buy Popcorn!


iPhone 4Gs, what’s for lunch? and a cold!

iPhone 4Gs was announced today along with a slew of other Appley type things like ios5 and some iPod stuff. Get the full run down here:

I tried to navigate to Apple’s iphone page at 3pm eastern adn received a beautiful access denied error. Wake up Apple this is no time for server failures!

Access Denied after 4Gs is announced






This page seemed to work though: http://www.apple.com/iphone/compare-iphones/

What’s for lunch?



And a cold!
I have a bad cold but am trying to stay as healthy as possible. This is always a bad time of year for me the leaves rotting, mold growing, allergies going crazy a sure recipe for me to come down with bronchitis or worse! Have lots to do though as I am prepping for everything that I will be taking part in at the RightNow Summits in Colorado Springs and Cardiff at the end of October.

I think I might take a break form work tonight and try to get some sleep. What do you think?

Red Bull Rant, Lightning Strikes and Merlin!

The other night I was up late working on my 101 project and I got a call from my friend who lives with us. Apparently lightning had struck a switching station near Jamaica Queens and all trains out to our house were suspended. There was however limited trains running to Ronkonkoma so I told him I would pick him up once he arrived.

While I waited for him to call back I had a CSS break through and got a fair amount of progress made on my project. I was happy and wired all at the same time!

I made this video while driving to get him:

Tonight was the season finale of Doctor WHO?!!!!!!  I loved it! (No I haven’t relocated to UK but my IP did. *wink*)

Next up was the season premiere of Merlin! Exciting indeed. The oly issue is while it has been away I have watched camelot on Starz and  when I see this Morganna I keep seeing the one from the Starz series. I like them both for different reasons but the BBC series brings out the SCI-FI, D&D playing GEEK in me more than the more mature Camelot. Here is to a promising new season!