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The other night I was up late working on my 101 project and I got a call from my friend who lives with us. Apparently lightning had struck a switching station near Jamaica Queens and all trains out to our house were suspended. There was however limited trains running to Ronkonkoma so I told him I would pick him up once he arrived.

While I waited for him to call back I had a CSS break through and got a fair amount of progress made on my project. I was happy and wired all at the same time!

I made this video while driving to get him:

Tonight was the season finale of Doctor WHO?!!!!!!  I loved it! (No I haven’t relocated to UK but my IP did. *wink*)

Next up was the season premiere of Merlin! Exciting indeed. The oly issue is while it has been away I have watched camelot on Starz and  when I see this Morganna I keep seeing the one from the Starz series. I like them both for different reasons but the BBC series brings out the SCI-FI, D&D playing GEEK in me more than the more mature Camelot. Here is to a promising new season!



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