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iPhone 4Gs was announced today along with a slew of other Appley type things like ios5 and some iPod stuff. Get the full run down here:

I tried to navigate to Apple’s iphone page at 3pm eastern adn received a beautiful access denied error. Wake up Apple this is no time for server failures!

Access Denied after 4Gs is announced






This page seemed to work though: http://www.apple.com/iphone/compare-iphones/

What’s for lunch?



And a cold!
I have a bad cold but am trying to stay as healthy as possible. This is always a bad time of year for me the leaves rotting, mold growing, allergies going crazy a sure recipe for me to come down with bronchitis or worse! Have lots to do though as I am prepping for everything that I will be taking part in at the RightNow Summits in Colorado Springs and Cardiff at the end of October.

I think I might take a break form work tonight and try to get some sleep. What do you think?


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