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The path to the Summit!

Started the day on a pleasant note. Packed the Odyssey for my trip to Colorado and the family drove me to the airport. The kids are spending quality time with the husband by spending the day at the ZOO while I endure a 12 hour jaunt to Denver. Things would have been so much easier if scheduling conflicts didn’t force me to take American Airlines instead of my original plan of a straight shot to Denver via JFK on Jet Blue. The whole American Airlines thing is simply ludicrous. I had to fly from Laguardia to Miami in order to the fly north to Denver. What is wrong with this picture AA? Seems like a huge waste of fuel. The only other option was NY to Fort Worth and then Denver but that  flight didn’t gel well with my travelling partner who is coming across the pond. His travel time is the same is mine and he is coming all the way from Heathrow!


The good news is the flights have been pleasant with very little turbulence and we left on time. In Miami I had 2 hours to kill so I found a place to eat which was actually quite yummy a little sushi place called Sushi Maki in concourse D near gate 29. I would definitely eat there again.

Sitting next to the window trapped with another passenger next to a man on the aisle seat with very bad body order. I nearly gagged a when I yawned it was so pungent. Only about an hour left until we touch down, it won’t be soon enough.

Really looking forward to seeing what the response is two the two Mobile apps we will be demoing is as well as how folks I know will react to the news that I am no longer at Nikon and am now working for partner SCBS. Hopefully it will only mean good things and they will be excited to work with me? I guess I will update you post-summit as I am sure to be extremely busy manning our booth.


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