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Post Summit Madness

Where to Begin?

I think the best way to start is to overload you with lots of youtube videos and links to breakout sessions!

Day 1 (Look for Stuart and I running the SCBS booth at about 3 minutes 12 seconds):

Day 2

The future of CX – featuring Tomas the coolest Brand VP I have ever met (Ok so maybe he is the only one I ever met but it doesn’t change my opinion of him) We had some good chats at the EMEA Summit.

The RightNow PGX APP– Very cool App had some bugs involving issues with connecting via twitter and people checking in at trees but by the time I got to the EMEA Summit I was ready to shake off my 7th place finish in the US and take Wales on! A little birdy told me over drinks that my scores were so much higher than everyone elses in EMEA that they were actually validated to make sure I wasn’t cheating. In the end the irony of it all was not only did they give away a much cooler gift in EMEA than they did in US but I won it and it was a D3100 DSLR kit with two lenses compliments of Nikon my old pals!

SCBS had a great presence at both summits and Stuart spoke during the keynote in the US, at two breakouts and our Mobile Apps were featured in a third breakout as well as shown in the RightNow booth at the partner pavilion.

Watch the Keynote featuring Stuart speaking about SCBS’s work with Compassion UK: http://www.rightnow.com/resource-video-ceo-address-summit-2011.php

Break out slides on Innovation: CX Innovation Story: Learn How a Leader Is Innovating on RightNow CX

Break out slides on Unified Desktop: Unified Agent Desktop: Good Customer Experiences Require Optimal Agent Experiences

Break out slides on Mobile Apps: CX Mobility: Learn How to Develop Consumer Experiences in a Mobile Generation

All in all a very successful couple of weeks!


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