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Oh the Agony

So it has been way too long since I have written. So much has gone on.

I got a promotion to Director, travelled to the UK again, and fell off a curb severly injuring my ankle for like the 100th time in 10 years.

After 2 months of Physical therapy, my leg getting worse my surgery that was scheduled for July got bumped up to yesterday.

It was supposed to be a fairly short procedure lasting only 90 minutes but instad turned into more than three hours. They cleaned up the cartilage in the ankle as I had some osteoarthritis going on from the repeated sprains. The also made an incision behingd the ankle bone to repair the ligament wihc they thought ned scar tissue removed and som tightening but as it turned out it was actually torn so they had to cut it and reattach it to the fibula.

The end result is a cast up to my knee and extreme pain that is not responding very well to the pain medication.

I’ll be in the cast for four weeks followed by a cam walker and more physical therapy.

Leg all wrapped up like a mummy!

Back to work tomorrow, well on a limited basis anyway have some pretty big deadlines that can’t be missed so I’ll be powering through them.


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