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Bit the bullet

So I have been a huge fan of DeviantArt for a long long time but never created an account to put any of my own stuff up mainly because I am an old school artist still miss my Pentax and dark room and oils and canvas. (One of these days I will have a studio to create in)

Lately for work I have been tasked with doing odd bits of graphic design here and there and also do some freelance stuff for friends and family usually more for fun than money.

So today my three boys were pretending to be zombies in the house and I happened to be cleaning up some files on my laptop when I came a across a picture of Sebasten that I thought would just work perfect. My hope in adding these to my blog is that I will get comments and constructive criticism on how to improve my photoshop techniques. As with everything else I am primarily self taught.

My art can be found at: http://justrhianna.deviantart.com

I would also like to give credit to Blood Stock http://blood–stock.deviantart.com/ for the use of the blood brushes and Photoshop Lady for a little inspiration with technique (you will see I took lots of liberties) http://www.photoshoplady.com/tutorial/zombie-transformation-for-your-image/6243


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