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Poll of the Day

Being someone who’s company has developed Apps for Business users that work on many different tablets keeping abreast of news on the latest tablet comes with the territory. Today amongst many of the other articles I perused I found a blog entry from PC World about the iPad mini and I thought it would be a good poll of the day.

If you are interested in reading the PC world blog the link is: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2013023/apple-ipad-mini-all-the-ipad-at-nearly-half-the-cost.html

I am sure we will be acquirng a few for testing that our current apps work on the smaller iPad format but being that we have also made versions that work on smartphones I don’t see the iPad mini’s size as really being a hurdle. If you are a business and are looking for a solution for your sales force it could definately be an asset but honestly the full size sibling will definately provide less of a shock to employees used to working on laptops.

Last year at Christmas I¬†purchased Kindle Fire’s for my three boys and they love them but I find them just too small to work off of. So I imagine the iPad mini will be strictly for bug testing or when I need to work through a problem and need an angry birds break.


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