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About Me

I am known in some circles as Just Rhianna. I’m a geek, a mom, a wife, philosopher wanna-be and believer in free information. I have a BA in philosophy with a minor in mathematics and am working on an MBA in Computer Technology Management. My mentors include Peter Ludlow a former professor of mine and proponent of digital democracy, Edward Bleser a now departed physicist and dear family friend, and Todd and Rich from BNL you know who you are. I started out as a student writing code and putting up web pages at BNL when blink tags, Perl and Netscape were innovative. I have no idea what direction this blog will take and do not plan on putting constraints on it instead allowing it to evolve organically on its own or by your suggestions. See you round the net, twitter or the you tubes my fellow geeks!


Comments on: "About Me" (5)

  1. Hi there, I saw that you are active RN user and need some help/advice in that area.
    Pls contact me via email.

  2. Did not see anything from you. Pls resend.

  3. Hi Rhianna,

    My name is Nick and I am a co-founder of Nerdywithchildren.com. I just checked out your blog, and we’d love to talk about working together. I’m sure you were hoping for Domino’s pizza, unfortunately we just find cool things for kids on the internet. However, I can offer awesome personal recommendations for great pizza in NYC. Please email me if you are interested in discussing further, or if you just want those pizza recommendations.


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