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Where did two weeks go?

Before I begin I want to say thank you to all my new twitter followers. Please keep spreading the word I am up to 228 I know its a modest number but hey you have to start somewhere right? If you would like to follow me please do so @just_rhianna.

I cannot believe it has been almost two weeks. I have been super busy with the new job blogging, getting the hang of policies and procedures, forming a strategy for the next year etc.

Today is the super bowl and I did a fair bit of domestic goddess stuff like cooking appetizers and entress for the big game. The I answered a few emails, sent my weekly report and was about to do some online learning but to my dismay my account needs to be updated for the new year and won’t be completed until our adminstrator can do it tomorrow.

So instead of work, laundry or dishes I decided to take a few minutes to visit you all.

I know I mentioned the new blog in another post but I want to make sure you get to read it if you find it interesting.

The articles are all under the category of CX (cusotmer experience to those of you unfamiliar with the term) and can be access at: http://blog.evergegroup.com/?cat=56

I fully intended to add a fourth article to the series last week but things at work got kicked up a bit with one trip to NYC and one to New Jersey and several additional unexpected confernece calls. So My goal this week is to add two articles to the series but that also partially is dependant on whether I can get the Fusion/RightNow integration demo to work. I had a few set backs like getting access to the demo environment, getting the documentation and then finding the time to work through the documentation. I promise I will keep you updated on my progress.

Taking the online course on Oracle Fusion has been interesitng and I plan on taking the Pre-Sale and Sales consultant Assessments over the next couple of weeks to add the certificates to my OPN (Oracle Partner) profile. I love learning new technologies and more certificates never hurt anyone. Especially ones that are relevant in your line of work. A certificate in say Basket weaving might not be so impressive to most of my techie friends.

So the next big event I am really looking forward to is Oracle Cloud World in NY. Just waiitng for the registration to open up and then I am definately attenidng. If anyone out there on the internets is going please drop me a line.

While hanging with the boys today Lucian found the face paint we didn’t get to use at halloween because of Hurricane Sandy and asked if I could transform him into a clown. He stayed quite still for his three year old self. Here is the end result.

lucian clown