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Open Letter to Domino’s -An example of poor programming impacting customer experience!

As a Technology Director I find myself constantly critiquing and sometimes criticizing websites that I interact with in my daily life. This past week I was sick and ordered a few Pizzas from Dominos for my boys so I would be able to spend more quality time feeling sorry for myself on the couch.

(Well ok I order Domino’s once a week every week anyway. And this is what incited me even more.)

I have sent an email in the past as well as mentioning it to the driver but got my concerns shrugged off like it doesn’t really matter. But guess what DOMINO’S it does matter.

In their defense before I get to deep into my primary complaint a lovely woman from my local Domino’s did call me stating that she was passed my complain and offered to put a credit on my account for a future purchase but as I explained to her this problem is affecting many unsuspecting customers not just me. She did insure me that she would pass my concerns along to corporate but then i thought well this is a perfect topic for the blog. It involves technology, customer experience and food…three things I am quite passionate about.

So what is the problem anyway?

Let’s deal with the smaller issue first – false advertising. On their website Domino’s offer 2 medium 2 topping pizzas for $5.99 each. They also offer similar deals that have the same issue. If you login to their site and build your order of two medium two topping pizzas and are observant enough you will see that on each two topping pizza domino’s actually jacks the price up by 3 cents. Here is an example of an order with three pizzas in total, notice that the pizza with no toppings as well as the one with one topping is $5.99 but the one with two toppings is in my cart for $6.02.



No I am not one of those lovely elderly folks in the grocery store arguing over 2 cents. I am an educated woman who happens to know a lot¬†about technology who noticed that the promo codes setup in Domino’s e-commerce system is configured incorrectly. It should not add 3 cents to orders that have the appropriate number of toppings. Where in the fine print does it say if you actually want two toppings it is 3 cents extra? Hypothetically if Domino’s has a 1000 customers a day who take advantage of this offer and get only 2 two topping pizzas each at 3 cents over the advertised price that amounts to (1000 x 2) x .03 dollars = 60 dollars x 365 days = 21,900 dollars “stolen from unsuspecting customers”

Still not a tremendous Amount of money but:

1. I am certain Domino’s has more than 1000 customers a day taking advantage of this

2. Most are probably even ordering more than two pizzas.

3. Domino’s corporate had a store call me despite my customer support case stating that I felt this was a very big issue. I am not being taken seriously.



My three children love your pizza for reasons unbeknownst¬†to me. Please correct this issue, apologize to your customers and provide repayment in some form to make up for this human but major mistake. If you would like to speak to me personally about this issue I would be happy to answer any questions you have. I would love to know how you plan to restore your customer’s faith in you.


Rhianna Albert

Technology Director and Mother of Three Hungry Boys