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Fiona Apple Review – Huntington NY

Just got back from the Fiona concert at the Paramount. Will write a full review in the next day or so. watch this space for review and pix from the event.

Update 11/6/12:

It has been a few weeks since the show but in that time I was pretty sick, had to take my middle child for oral surgery, faced a hurricane and am now on the eve of a nor’easter. So tonight I am writing the post about the concert that I meant to almost a month ago.

The venue: The Paramount in Huntington, NY Let me just say the venue is intimate, clean, excellent sound, friendly staff (you don’t find that too often in NY venues) and did I say clean? Seriously aside from the garbage in the women’s room needing to be changed at the end of the night because it was overflowing with paper towels even that was immaculate. I will definately be going back there soon!

From a recent press release on there site:

Opened September 30, 2011 this 1,555 capacity live entertainment venue located
in downtown Huntington, Long Island, features concerts, boxing, comedy,
community and other special events.  Booked by Live Nation, the Paramount has
hosted over 150 events in its first year of operation and quickly established
itself as the premier music venue on Long Island. Some recent acts to take the
stage include Pitbull, Taking Back Sunday, The Pixies, Elvis Costello, Warren
Haynes, Willie Nelson, Brand New, Goo Goo Dolls, Primus, Marilyn Manson, Korn,
The Wanted, The Script, Panic! At the Disco and many, more.


Well what can I say about her? The woman’s voice was amazing. It was off key only when she wanted it to be and it still held the same passion as it did when she first came on the scene. She was dressed in a black satiny sort of frock that was a wrinkled mess but still managed to look posh on her. As always she was pale, thin and anything but fragile as she belted out tunes like shadowboxer. She moved aroun from just singing, to making love to the piano, to banging on a drum.

Overall a really solid performance. My main gripes if you can call them that was that she seemed to be in a bad mood ( a vibe confirmed  later by someone I spoke with in the founder’s room who had spoken with her pre-show) and that maybe as a result did not come out for an encore (many fans were disheartened by this and cheered and cheered calling her back untill the staff turned the lights on.)

Her band was very talented two that stood out was the guy playing the standup BASS and the goddess on the DRUMS. I wish I knew who the were or what bands they play in when not with FIONA. If any one knows please tell me!

The setlist:

Fiona Apple Concert Setlist at The Paramount, Huntington on October 13, 2012 | setlist.fm.

The wrist bands one for the show and one for the Founder’s room.
The Paramount NY

The images of Fiona performing are not great quality because despite having myself and another blogger there neither of us thought to try to get a press pass and bring my Nikon D3100 (which by the way has 1,280 on the nikonusa.com site and an average star rating of 4.7 thanks to an excellent product, a great BazaarVoice implementation, and a RightNow CX marketing campaign set up by me before I left Nikon.) to shoot it properly.


More Photos

If you want to view a copy of my twitter feed from the event you can do so here by clicking on the more tag below or by visiting my home on twitter: https://twitter.com/just_rhianna